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-remembered ancient greece and rome. the poet shelley wrote at the beginning of the 19th century, "we are all greeks. "our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts "all have their roots in greece. "but for greece, we might still have been savages and idolaters." the human form and the human mind attained to a perfection in greece which has impressed its image on those faultless productions whose very fragments are the despair of modern art and which can never cease to delight mankind until the extinction of the race. in the 18th and 19th centuries, europeans surrounded themselves with the images of greece and rome. they created for themselves personal museums which displayed their wealth, taste, and learning and idealized the virtues of reason, liberty, and justice. in this way, they elevated-- and even masked-- their mundane relationships with land ownership and manufacture, trade and empire, and they exported these ideals and the visual language which expressed them all over the world-- to the americas, the indies, and beyond. it is appropriate, then, that these are the first pictures we see i
waterfront. the statue will be dedicated on friday. studio "b" live from rome with shepard smith starts right now. >> shep: it's 3:00 on the east coast and noon on the west coast and 9:00 p.m. on a gorgeous night one day after the stunning announcement that the pope is stepping down. today, we're learning much more about his health approximate, carefully guarded secret until now. the vatican reveals that pope benedict has pacemaker in his heart long before being elected as pope back in 2005. months ago, we now know he had surgery to replace the pacemaker batteries, an operation that was conducted in absolute secrecy. vatican says it was routine. the shock waves continue to reverberate for catholics around the world and a lot of folks seem to have the same reaction, even if it's something the world hasn't seen in six centuries. >> i shows what a truly humble servant. he loved our church so much, he didn't let pride get in the way. >> probably we're in the right times and listen to the catholic church and new generation of catholics. >> its demanding job. it takes a special person at that age t
to me. a special thought to the church of rome, my diocese. i cannot forget the brothers and the bishops and all the consecrated people and the operation of god in pastoral visits and audiences and travels, i always felt a lot of after perfection and attention and i have felt close to each and every one of you with no distinctions. with true charity. which the heart of every shepherd must have and especially the bishop of rome. and every day, i brought each and every one of you in my prayer as a father would do. i would want for my good-bye and my thanks can reach everybody, the heart of the pope reaches the entire world and i wish to express my gratitude to the diplomatic body in the holy see. the great family of nations and i also think all of those that allow good communications and i really thank them for their importance service. at this stage, i also want to thank from the bottom of my heart, all of the people all over the world, so numerous, who over the past two weeks, sent me messages of friendship, of pray prayer. yes, the pope is never alone. and now, i feel it once again it i
's go live to senior vatican correspondent is a mapt a bee who is in rome right now. sam, thanks for joining us. ( cheers and applause ) nice to see you in rome. >> thank you, jon. i am in rome. i am at the vatican >> jon: i can see that, sam, terrific. we haven't seen a papal resignation in 600 years. what happened here, sam? >> let's just say he's had a crisis of faith. >> jon: oh, wow. since when? >> well, honestly, since the whole manti te'o thing. the pope has just started to question a long-term relationship with someone he talks to all the time but has never actually met. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: that manti te'o thing was absurd. the guy's girlfriend dies and then suddenly comes back to life and... oh! >> they chat like 100 times a day right before bed but never on skype or faith time >> jon: face time faith time. it's a vatican thing. it's like chat roulette but with fewer dongs. >> jon: shouldn't that be no dongs? >> yes, jon. yes, it should. >> jon: so the pope is resigning because he thinks for the past seven years he's been in a relationship not with jesus but
rome this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, zoraida and john. it is incredible with st. peter's behind us. i can't help but wonder what must be going through pope benedict's mind right now. we've talked about this decision, reported all the formality, the celebration, we heard him speak even yesterday in a very, very personal way about the decision he took, about the gravity of it, the novelty of it, about the joys he had in shepherding the roman catholic church over the past eight years and indeed about the sorrow and challenges he faced and the church faced as well. after all of that he's human. what must he be thinking to be the first pope in more than 600 years to step down. the first pope in more than 700 years to voluntarily step down. it's an amazing instance. we're joined here by john allen, our senior vatican analyst and correspondent for the national catholic reporter online. and what do you think is going and what will his meetings with the cardinals be like this morning? >> well, you know, benedict xvi was of course himself a member of the college of cardina
. let's go to christiane amanpour and father irwin who are in rome right now sort of in the middle of all of that clapping and celebrating we just saw, christiane. >> reporter: indeed. and off he goes in that car, as you said, at a pretty brisk clip. he's going to the helipad which i'm told is at the vatican train station, if you can believe it and you know better than i that there is a vatican train station. he'll get on the helicopter and go. i just came from the north american college where i interviewed cardinal dolan about half an hour ago and he said, cardinal dolan, that him and many of the other cardinals, the american elected cardinals who are going to be staying there are going to go up to the roof to see if they can see the helicopter taking off. we've already seen cardinal turkson of ghana has joined the twitter revolution and he himself from the top of st. peter's behind me has tweeted a picture. perhaps many of them are going up there to see if they can watch the helicopter take off. but look, this is massive. we are watching this in minute detail unfold. why? not jus
edition of "early start". i'm christian amanpour live from rome on. and we also want to welcome our global viewers on cnn international. this is the final day of the pope's public audiences. pope benedict is about to make his last one right here in the square before stepping down. it is a historic day. becoming the first pope in six centuries to abdicate and he leaves behind a church with many opportunities behind and many challenges, as well. and we'll talk all about that later on on in a moment, take a look at saint peter's square, more than 50,000 people we're told are expected to witness the pope's final general audience. the anticipation has been building. here is the schedule for this morning and for the the next couple of days. at 4:30 a.m., that is eastern time, that's 10:30 a.m. here in rome, the pope arrives in his popemobile. it's an unusual way for him to conduct his wednesday audience, but because this is the final time, he's going to spend about 15 minutes we think driving around the square waving to the crowd before he starts talking and starts making prayers and having his
conclave to elect the successor to pope benedict, but will now not be going to rome. our religious correspondent has the details. >> for a decade and more, he has been one of scotland's biggest personalities and strongest voices. then came allegations that cardinal o'brien behaved inappropriately towards four priests in his care during the 1980's. suddenly, he is out of office. today, cardinal o'brien stayed behind closed doors. in a statement, he acknowledged his poor health, but made no attempt to rebut the allegations against him. instead he said, for any good i have been able to do, i thank god. for any failures, i apologize to him all whom i have asked to all whom i have -- i apologize to all whom i have offended. a few days ago, he was the catholic church's elder statesmen, due to fly to rome to help choose the new pope -- statesman, due to fly to rome to help choose the new pope. >> the holy father excepted on february 18, the resignation .rom the cardinal >> the first minister said he had heard the news of cardinal o'brien's resignation with great sadness. >> allegations ha
, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. sued b with shepard smith live in rome. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast, 9 p.m. here in rome. ash wednesday drawing to a close. the vatican behind me. that's st. peter's basilica you see over my shoulder where pope benedict xvi celebrated what is likely his last public mass as leader of the six billion catholics around the world. today also the first time we've seen his holiness since he announced he's too tired to continue his role as pope. earlier he told a cheering and tearful crowd that he is stepping down for the good of the church. now the vatican is giving us a better idea of exactly how that transition will work. we've also learned when the cardinals will meet to elect the next pope. much more on that later in this hour live from rome. but first, we have new signs that the rogue excop suspected in several murders died after yesterday's dramatic shootout in the mountains of big bear lake in california. a source is telling the associated press that a charred body plus a wallet and other personal items turned up inside that bu
, the artistry that has come down to us speaks for itself. rome - the remnants of its architectural genius bear witness to its greatness. in the first century b.c., the city of one million was master of the mediterranean world. rome's empire stretched from spain in the west to syria and egypt in the east. the roman elite were rich beyond measure. they ranged from the cunning and prudent julius caesar... to the intellectually inclined augustus... to cruel caligula, deviser of public spectacles that included murder .....to nero, who, it's said, kicked his wife to death for rebuking him. the upper classes were well educated, connected by kinship, business and political ties. wearied by the crowds and hectic pace of roman life, they pined for greater leisure and the chance it gave to contemplate the finer things of life. each spring, as the senate recessed, roman power brokers -- the patrician families, senators, and untold numbers of entrepreneurs made rich by roman dominance -turned to the bay of naples. over generations, they built lavish villas along the shoreline of campania. the villa pausily
gone to both the audience and the mass there in rome on ash wednesday, he looked to me like a man who was so at peace with his decision and he looked like the weight of the world had listen lifted off his shoulders, whatever prayer and consideration he had gone through, this was the right decision for him. and liz, as you have gone through the last several days, was that your impression as well? >> in the past couple of days he's been ad libbing more, as he never has. he did it yesterday at the audience where he looked out at the crowd and he said, you know, people say the church is declining and i see life in the church, looking at those 150,000 people there to say goodbye. today, nobody expected him to address the cardinals and he gave a speech and that speech had one very pointed message and that was this, that he was pledging his unconditional reverence and obedience to the next pope. he's trying to make it clear that while the church is going to deal with two popes, it's not going to be a division of power. he is going to obey his successor, he is not going to try and meddle. he
will have to be held in rome for the election of a future pope who will obviously succeed pope benedict. >> once again, just to remind our viewers just joining us, we are hearing from the vatican, from the pope himself, pope benedict xvi, the roman catholic pope, that is, that he will be resigning february 28. as this news is just coming out, how is it filtering out in italy? is there any reaction? has anybody come out and said anything? >> it is very early but certainly the reaction will be of utmost surprise. the way we have all received the news was the pope made the announcement himself in latin. then it was picked up by the italian wire service first -- and then such a big news both pope will design grid -- will resign. of the first pope to resign in modern times. it was picked up immediately across the globe. it seems he will step down on february 28. it remains to be seen exactly what is going to happen after that. >> this po was elected, in fact, at the age of 78 -- pope was elected at the age of 78. >> he has been pope for now in number of years. it was always thought that he w
in rome. hope an addict is preparing to retire -- pope benedict is preparing to retire. >> his final act, a speech to his cardinals. he bade farewell and urged unity when electing his replacement. >> a last round of up laws for the departing pope -- of applause for the departing pope. in a few days, a conclave of cardinals will elect a new pontiff. some are worried at the prospect of having both a reigning pope and the retired one. an addict tried to dispel -- benedict ride to dispel any fears of conflict. >> among you cardinals is the future pope. to him i promise my unconditional reverence and obedience. >> this is likely to be the pope's most important message before he sets off for the papal retreat, castel gandolfo, south of rome. the small town is already getting ready to receive its most important visitor. >> yes. we are getting ready for his arrival. as we have always done. but this time, we hope it will be much bigger, to show our love and our affection. >> benedict will spend two months here, beginning a quiet life of prayer and academic study. castel gandolfo elong stu vatican
public pier rance we go life to rome where amy kellogg is standing by in saint peters square. she joini us on the phone. >> i am where you are watching the pictures, we are waiting for the pope to begin the address which may be about to happen. it is incredibly moving. you have to wonder what is on his mind right now as he makes the final public appearance in the have aed can. we have a copy of the speech he will be making. it will be his final public appearance and thanks to all of those who have been with him through out the years here. people have passed through the square. there are a few pockets it is a full crowd. there are people from all over the world here. some who are very faithful themselves and want to thank pope benedict for his service to the search. some simply want to be here for the history of the moment. because as you said this is the first time a pope has resigned in 6 centuries. it leads people to picks mixed emotions. some think he's not up to the task others think it's shocking others think he is as pope until he dies. everyone now coming forward. here it goes p
over rome benedict will be looking down at the vatican from a helicopter. three hours later he will no longer be pope and the politicking to find the new one can begin in earnest. in one of his final acts inside the vatican, pope benedict said good-bye to the cardinals. 67 of whole he had elevated to their position as the prince of the church. addressing what he called the future pope among you, benedict programs ed promised his unconditional reverence and obedience, among those making the list although a long shot is u.s. cardinal timothy dolan. in an interview cardinal dolan reflected on what kind of man will emerge as pope. >> all the other things where they're from languages they know leadership skills managerial competency, that's gravy, isn't it? but, boy, you better look for somebody who reminds us of jesus, which in a way, allen, is another word for you are looking for a holy man. >> reporter: benedict was widely seen as a great teacher and a less-than-efficient manager of the vast church bureaucracy. >> is not the big problem the next pope will f
an underground gay network at the vatican. claudio lavagna is live for us in rome. so far the vatican attempted to dismiss much of what's developing and breaking today. >> reporter: well, and tamron, this morning, people sense and feel the anticipation. there in the vatican press room, they had a big announcement to make and packed with hundreds of journalists from all over the world. he said one big news, we got two. as you mentioned, the pope decided to change the cannon law that sets the rules for the conclave to move up the conclave set to start sometime between march 15th through the 20th. well now the cardinals can decide to move it up and maybe start as early as the first days of march. on top of that, of course, we got told -- we were told by the spokesperson that pope benedict xvi accepted the resignation of cardinal o'brien. when we asked he was not allowed in to the conclave, he said that's not for the pope to decide, it is only a decision that a cardinal can take. cardinal o'brien did take that decision and made it public shortly afterwards and published a statement saying that he d
one when you came over to rome a couple of weeks ago. usually it happens in the paul vi auditorium during the winter. it's outside. now it's been moved outside to accommodate the large crowds that are there. we'll see the popemobile move through st. peter's square so everyone can get a glimpse of the pope. i understand it's going to make two laps. and then the pope will go up on a stage set on top of the steps. there he will deliver his address in italian. afterwards, he will speak in several major languages. usually, he acknowledges some groups that are there. what is going to be different today is typically in a papal audience, there are people who come up and meet the pope and kiss his ring. that is not going to happen today because there have simply been too many requests today, chris. >> ann thompson, who will continue to be at the vatican for us throughout this coverage. ann, thank you. i want to bring in our panel, who will be joining us the next hour and a half. father robert barron. in rome, liz lev, an expert at duquesne and nbc news analyst. george is the nbc news vatica
benedict left the vatican today in an emotional ceremony witnessed by tens of thousands in romes and millions an the world. the resignation became effective minutes ago at 11:00 our time. right now, pope benedict xvi is resting in the new home, a live picture where you will see the guard, the swiss guards, are no longer standing guard. their job is to protect the head of the church. a few minutes ago, the guards actually closed the doors dramatically and left their post to head back to the vatican. nick is live in rome with the latest. >> pope benedict xvi has performed the final and most memorable act, historic resignation that could transform the catholic church. he ended it humbly. after eight years, a modest simple wave and it was over. (inaudible). >> from the summer retreat, pope benedict xvi closed the door and said good by to the closist advisors and a happy wave before boarding the helicopter and then a lap in the air around the vatican and a beautiful blue sky in rome. each step recorded live by dozens of cameras, which has never been seen before in the history of the c
advisory unit. bbc news. >> public benedict will stay in rome after he retires. he will not be involved in choosing his successor. he surprised with his resignation and prompted resignation of -- revelations about his health. de -- there are the seven names from europe and south america, a prospect which have bookmaker's spending. the crowds were queuing today as the vatican loosened its culture of secrecy. it gave more details about the pope's help them what his role will be when he resigned in two weeks. yes today he revealed he had neither the mental or physical energy to continue. today the vatican said he had been wearing a pacemaker for some time. >> somebody talked about the fact that he had had a pacemaker a few months ago. that is correct. there was a routine replacement for the batteries. >> when he stand down, he will remain in rome to study. he will be living in a monastery. there'll not be two popes although it is unclear what his title will be. the church went out of the way to say that he would have no role in the choice of his successor. he will have nothing to say about
. >> these are days of great uncertainty in italy, and the tremors are being felt across europe. bbc news, rome. >> as iran struggles with its uncertain future, here in the u.s., there is a dose of economic tug-of-war. right now, the two political parties are deadlocked over how cuts knowne spending as the sequester that will go into effect on friday. today, president obama was in newport news, va. stressing his case. here is the report. >> along virginia coastline, it seems almost everyone works for the military in one way or another and with a sense of dread about the future. all the ships come to this yard to be refitted and repaired. but the navy has worn them that the looming cuts mean work will be cancelled on 13 ships. three --ny has told 3500 workers they could be laid off. it is a story that could be repeated all over america. >> it could affect a lot of people. not just shipyard people. wohlschlegel down to everybody. the uniformed people -- it will trickle down to everybody. the uniformed people. the diners down the street. it could put this country in the worst depression since the
, an intellect on the level of one of the greats like hagel or plato. >> that was abc's nick schifrin in rome. after benedict says good-bye to the church's cardinals, he flies by helicopter to the papal retreat. he will offer a blessing from the balcony and then shut the door. in his own words, benedict will be hidden for the rest of his life. >>> and it is a very busy morning in rome. and our friends at "gma" are planning complete coverage of this historic day. keep it right here on abc news. >>> our other major story, is massive budget cuts set to begin in less than 24 hour ps. after weeks of warnings, president obama softened his tone about the cuts. instead of a fiscal cliff, the president said it was more like a tumble downward. and he invited congressional leaders to the white house for talks. here's karen travers. >> reporter: the topic was probably unavoidable. today, president obama had a brief meeting, no more than ten minutes, with congressional leaders, about how to avoid the massive spending cuts. they'll sit down on friday at the white house. progress? not so much. the meeting i
outside of rome where the pope is now pope emiritus after the historic resignation. >> tributes are growing to two fallen santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty gunned down by a man they wanted to question in a misdemeanor case. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. new information is expected to be released in half an hour from the santa cruz police department on the murders of the 51-year-old sergeant loran butch baker and 38-year-old detective elizabeth butler. the only officers ever killed in the line of duty in the department's 150 year history. we will bring the news conference to you live. cornell bernard joins us from santa cruz right now. >> as you said, the news conference is set to begin in about 30 minutes. we hope to learn more information about shooting that claimed the lives of the two officers with the memorial growing at police headquarters with cards and candles and through we are wherever you look. friends of both detectives cannot believe they are gone. >> the santa cruz police officers are returning to work, with a hand written sig
to rome to vote he is heading to rome to vote on the pope. >> do you think they'll forgive kim kardashian on her divorce? >> is she catholic? >> she was screaming "oh, god" a lot in her sex tape. >> we have snoop dog. >> did you buy your girl scout cookies yet? >> the girl scout organization as a whole is a scam. that's the dumbest things they do to get patches. >> how can a pot head be mad at someone who sells cookies? [laughter] >> get out of here! >> we have proof hayden panettiere and wladimir klitschko are banging again. they were in miami yesterday. he's got his arm around her. she's holding his hand. >> she probably tried to be with another guy and physically didn't work out. >> february 18, we gave you the "tmz" viewers, a difficult task, determine the identity of this man, britney spears' mystery date. now we know, but no thanks any of you people. >> no one knew who he was until mike walters solved the case. >> mike walters wins a tmz t-shirt. >> yay! >> and he won't look dumb at all being that guy from tmz wearing the tmz shirt. >> who's the guy? >> he's a normal guy. his name i
scare for the guy who still has the job. >>> as rome prepares for the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope there are new details about pope benedict's day to day living when he retires at the end of the month. danielle nottingham brings us the latest from the vatican. >> reporter: the vatican revealed pope benedict's closest aide will remain his private secretary and will also run the new pope's household. the duel role for the monsignor is raising questions about how much influence benedict will have over his successor. >> no one has said exactly what he's going to do and it's going to be benedict who decides what does and doesn't do. even the pope's brother has suggested the new pope would be wise to consult the former pope from time to time. >> reporter: the pope told the priest in rome thursday morning he'll be hidden from view after stepping down. the holy father says he'll live a life of prayer at a former monastery inside the vatican walls. even though pope benedict is expected to be out of sight, images of him will be around the vatican for many years to come. tourists who m
>>> washington's archbishop now on his way to rome to help select a new pope. first, breaking news right now where police are investigating two suspicious deaths. they found a man and a woman dead in the home of the 7200 block of bunker hill road. we have a news crew on the way with the latest information tonight on wusa9 at 11:00. at this hour washington's archbishop was on their way to rome to begin the process of electing a new pope to replace pope benedict xvi. we caught up with the cardinal at dulles international airport before boarding his flight. he is among some 11 u.s. cardinals in the coming week to do a new vote on the pope. as surae chinn reports, he held sunday mass in northeast before leaving. >> you're going to need all the things we can get because this is a very important responsibility. >> parishioners and others sent prayers for the cardinal as he embarks on a world to elect a new pope. >> what has become the theme. >> reporter: he spent his last sunday mass before heading to rome honoring pope benedict xvi. >> and home to get the job done. and be open to the ho
, the pope's summer retreat on the outskirts of rome. >> he'll spend a couple months there until there's a new pope and things are ready. he'll be basically spending a life of prayer in a convent on the vatican grounds. >> reporter: most of the 115 cardinals who will elect pope benedict's successor are already here in rome and speculation is spreading fast about who will replace him. >> i think it's going to be from africa or latin america. >> what matters most is that it's something who can dwight the church into the future. >> reporter: pope benedict who was elected in 2005 after the death of pope john paul ii says he is leaving because he's grown too old and frail. they hope to elect a pope in time for the holy week of easter, which is now just a few weeks away. one interesting tidbit, anne-marie. swiss guards will be outside of the main gates. the moment 8:00 strikes and the pope is no longer pope they'll leave and come back in anticipation of the next pontiff. >> vinita before you leave, there's more church business to begin. when does the choosing of the
international correspondent christiane amanpour is live in rome this morning. good morning, christiane. >> good morning. we are expecting any moment now vatican television to start showing us those pictures of the last face-to-face meeting between pope benedict xvi on his last day on the throne of st. peter and talking personally as you've been saying, to all of those cardinals who are in town at the moment. there's a big group who will be gathering and of that huge group there will be a certain number, 115, who will eventually convene in the conclave to elect the next pope. joined here by john allen as you can see, we're in a busy location. behind us is st. peter's. i can't help but notice for all the attention on this incredible moment, when we were back here in 2005, rome was overflowing with about 5 million pilgrims as john paul lay dying. give us a sense of the difference of what's happening and the outpouring. >> the obvious difference is this transition is following resignation rather than death. you don't have the same outpouring of grief. >> we're seeing those live pictures indeed. >>
. there's reports that he had trouble reading from the text from an address he read in rome as well. his health is a major concern. but he says he knows the gravity of the gesture. apparently, reports showing that many people, most people shocked and completely surprised, that this came out of nowhere. even knowing about his deteriorating health. >> when he became pope, he said prior to that, he had hoped to be able to retire, again, being at a fairly advanced age. he had hoped that he would be able to retire and so -- i wouldn't say that he reluctantly took the position but certainly he expressed some desire to be retiring at that point. again, the pope saying that he will resign at the end of the month. we want to go to this nbc news special report good morning. i'm matt lauer. it was announced that pope benedict xvi will resign. he will resign effective. >>> good morning. matt. this came as a shock for all of us and for the billions the catholics around the world. i just got confirmation of that news from the -- from the vatican who said that he made that speech. the pope made that sp
in rome. good to see you. >> great to be here. it's a really thrilling time. >> well, it is interesting, isn't it? because i've been here so many times, the energy here is very different. >> it's completely different. when you think about it, there was one energy for that solemnity of the funeral, but right now we have that kind of sense of going into uncharted waters, altogether, something new. v it's very much what the church says, ever ancient, ever new. well, we've got new. >> let's talk about what went on behind the scenes. he made this announcement in latin at what would otherwise be a fairly routine gathering of cardinals. you have to understand, a lot of cardinals don't speak latin, so they weren't even sure what was going on. reportedly, those who could understand, some of them started to cry. the pope then went back to his private headquarters and cried. what do you think, catherine, or what are you hearing? >> part of me wishes i was there just for that amazing moment, we're going to canonize these 800 martyrs, oh, by the way, i'm resigning. and this pause as this latin trans
is in rome. >> they are blasting in uncharacteristically strong terms, fredricka, are these reports, reports that appeared in a daily newspaper, "la repubblica" and a week live magazine panorama which suggests that indeed this group of three cardinals who were assigned by pope benedict to look into wrongdoing in the vatican found or allegedly uncovered, according to these publications a network of gay priests within the vatican who were being blackmailed according to these reports by a network of male prostitutes in rome. now, the vatican is roundly denying that these reports taking place, accusing the italian media of trying to influence the conclave, that group of 116 cardinals who will be meeting in the next few weeks in rome or rather in the vatican city to elect the next pope. fredricka in. >> in general, are people taking this report seriously throughout rome, or is there some reticence to embrace it? >> well, that depends who you speak to. now, some of the so-called veteran vatican watchers are somewhat skeptical about these reports. but many other people are taking them seriously. th
in italy, and around 2:00 our time, once he is south of rome, the doors of the palat pa palatso will close and the guards go off-duty because their service protect being the head of the catholic church will be over, at least for the time being. this is going to play out now and over the next three hours as we watch the images come in. martha: there are few places more beautiful than vatican city in the sunlight. 5:00 in the evening over this place is absolutely spectacular at this point. what a simple sort of action to watch him walk out of vatican into the car and have monumental implications for him and the future of the catholic church as well. bill: father morris referred to this. in the speech he gave earlier today at one point he said, among you is also the future pope whom i promise my unconditional refe reverence and obedience. now he will remain hidden from the world. martha: remarkable. thanks for being with us, everybody. we will see you right back here now. "happening now" carries on this coverage of the pope as he leaves the vatican today. jon: bill and martha, thank you. pope
, which is what the pope sshg the bishop of rome, the successor of st. peter, he says, you know, i may not be up to it now, and perhaps i can best serve jesus and his church and his people by stepping aside. i have to admire him. >> and here at home one day ahead of president obama's state of the union address, vice president biden is meeting with law enforcement officials in philadelphia about reducing gun violence. while victims of gun violence, like former congresswoman gabby giffords, takes a stand. >> we have a problem where we shop, where we pray, where our children go to school. take it from me. congress must act. >> and this hour president obama will be awarding the medal of army to staff sergeant clinton for courage under fire in afghanistan. he is only the fourth living recipient of the military's highest honor for service in iraq or afghanistan. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. a stunning announcement this morning from rome. pope benedict xvi is abdicating his office. joining me now is ann thompson, lee at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, of cou
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